Jonathon Cobbe

Jonny’s sporting aspirations hit the wall when a career in professional hockey hit the bricks several years back. During his time at the University of Hull he wrote for student magazine Hullfire and won several writing awards as a consequence. Johnny grew up in Belfast and is a fan of Manchester United, Formula One and Rugby

James Martin

Another Hull graduate, James has since gone on to study at Warwick, and now finds himself in the unenviable position of being a full-time teacher. When he has the time, there’s nothing more he’d rather enjoy than a classy game of football, but he also shares more than a passing interest in Formula 1. His Midlands roots are most apparent when talking about his beloved Aston Villa, but despite his Claret and Blue inclinations he also has quite a soft spot for a number of teams, including West Brom, Hull (of course) Dortmund, Barca and Fiorentina. After spending a month in Africa in 2011, he also holds Ghana’s national team close to his heart.

Ben Miller

Ben’s first encounter with site founder Mark Payne involved a rather heated debate on the Carlos Tevez points deduction saga over a game of pool. Luckily for all involved, the pair put their differences behind them. Ben is a fan of Sheffield United and Ice Hockey.

Mark Payne

Mark’s life has been that of the archetypal armchair fan; frustrated by his own lack of sporting prowess he has done everything in his power to get close to sport. He can be found watching damn near any sport that comes his way before subsequently telling anyone within earshot about it. He and Chris helped to launch the site with 25 hours of non-stop coverage of the most prestigious motor-race the ’24 hours of Le Mans’ while both fought off the threats of internet drop-out and tiredness at opposite ends of the country. Mark covers almost every sport but he’s particular passions are West Ham, the San Francisco 49ers and F1.

Thomas Rowson

To say that Thomas is a keen Formula One fan is a bit of an understatement. A quick look at his calendar shows that his life is planned around the races. On his desk sits a small model of Jenson Button’s championship winning Brawn GP car, and his bookcase is dominated by books devoted to motor sport. At 6’4’’andabit, Thomas is too tall to fit in a racing car, so makes do by writing and ranting about the fastest show on Earth. He also maintains an interest in rugby union (his dad’s sport) and cricket, as well as the Winter Olympics and other such snow sports.


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