Shows What A Winter Does: The Australian Grand Prix, 2012

Melbourne. Is there a better way to start the F1 season than in the land down under? The atmosphere, the fans, the track, everything about the Albert Park Circuit makes Australia the best place to begin the latest tour of the world’s fastest circus. Over the past few years, we’ve been treated to some great … Continue reading

When The Dust Settles – The 2012 Formula One Season Preview

Around 10,500 miles away from me and my computer stands a gantry with some lights on it. In less than 70 hours, the red-coloured lights on it will be lit up one by one, and then extinguished. At that point, the first race of 2012 Formula One season will be underway. A couple of hours … Continue reading

Sexy! No No No…

In 2004, I was lucky enough to represent my school in a Gravity Racing competition, where you fundamentally sit in a box with wheels and go down a hill. It was fantastic. But although the car had raced at Goodwood, I wasn’t sure about it. It had a steering bar, not a steering wheel, that … Continue reading

The Battle of the Beams

We waited, and we waited, and then we waited some more, but after a little bit more waiting, Williams finally announced who would be driving the car on the other side of the garage from Pastor Maldonado; it’s Bruno Senna. My youngest brother was delighted by this news, because he’s a Bruno fan and has … Continue reading

‘He’s Gotta Get a Penalty For That!’

Every year, the rules that govern Formula One are given a good going over at the Place de la Concorde, and the FIA usually make a few changes. For 2012, they’ve done just that; a few. The coming season will feature similar cars and similar regulations, but a little change was necessary. The Sporting Regulations … Continue reading

And the Winner of the 2012 Formula One World Championship is…

In the long and illustrious history of this great and magnificent sport, there have been only two drivers to win the Formula One world championship three times in a row. They are two of the all-time greats; Michael Schumacher and Juan Manuel Fangio. It is, perhaps, a surprisingly small list when you consider some of … Continue reading

That Was The Year That Was – The 2011 F1 Season

What a year! F1 has never been so stimulating, or so popular, and even though the championship was wrapped up with a number of weekends to go, the races still gave the fans a lot to get excited about. Each team and driver had pluses and minuses; here is my evaluation of them all in … Continue reading

Oh! Say, Can You See Two Races in America? Well, No…

So far, in its illustrious history, Formula One has had 9 homes for the American Grand Prix, with another six locations for non-championship races, and that isn’t including the time that the Indy 500 formed part of the calendar. F1 has never really made it State-side, and that seems slightly odd, given that country’s love … Continue reading

Gears of War: The Brazilian Grand Prix 2011

For the past two seasons, the final race of the year has been something of an anti-climax. Even when the championship still had to be decided in 2010, it is hard to say it was an exciting race. This year, it was different. This year, it was Brazil, not Abu Dhabi, that hosted the final … Continue reading

The Iceman Heats Up Silly Season

Over the past few years, ‘Silly Season’ has been rather pathetic, with the drivers at the top teams signing contracts to stay where they are early on. This year looked to be much the same, with Alonso and Vettel extending their stays long-term, Button putting his squiggle on a multi-year deal, Webber signing up for … Continue reading