March Motorsport Madness

March and motorsport are intrinsically connected. As the calendar progresses into it’s third month testing draws to a close, track garages become stocked and fans fill grandstands in expectation. Chief Editor Mark Payne looks at three motor racing season’s that he has marked in indelible ink on his calendar.  Formula One The Formula One season is undoubtedly the biggest … Continue reading

Dan Wheldon an obituary

Dan Wheldon celebrates his second Indy 500 victory earlier this year

Dan Wheldon grew up karting alongside the likes of Jenson Button in the UK before deviating off the typical British driver’s career path to become a true star of the premier American racing formula. Wheldon, who was born in the tiny hamlet of Emberton in Buckinghamshire emigrated to the USA in 1999 in order to … Continue reading