Euro 2004; A Better Vintage

Looking in to the past can be depressing. And as the nation knows this is especially true with the national football team and European Championships. Euro 1996 was the diamond in the rough after decades of forgetful tournaments. A Gareth Southgate penalty may have between England and their first final since the 1966 World Cup. … Continue reading

The January Transfer Window 2012: English football’s comings and goings

The 2012 January transfer window has been frenetic and sensationalist since it was wedged open on the 1st of the month, so not dissimilar to any other January transfer window in recent years then. But this window in particular has felt like the under performing, dull and monotonous sequel to the action blockbuster that was … Continue reading

Up for the Cup

A great thing happened on Sunday. My faith in the Beautiful Game was restored, and not just by a little bit, but by a lot. It’s been a very difficult time to be a Villa fan – we’ve not exactly been on fire in the league this year, and we’ve already failed to progress in … Continue reading

Racism in Modern Football

Just when you think the debate about ‘racism in football’ has gone into permanent retirement, it rears its ugly head for another encore. Sepp Blatter this week made scandalous comments in two different TV interviews that players should ‘shake hands’ and forget about what had been said on the pitch, even if it was a … Continue reading

Hit for Six

Well I don’t think many people saw the events of last weekend coming. Sir Alex isn’t used to seeing his side of 25 years being smashed for six, especially at home, least of all against the ‘upstarts’ from across the tracks. But 6-1 was the score line, and many pundits pointed at the result as … Continue reading

It’s Tough in the Middle

As a new writer here on Sportupdateuk, I thought I’d choose that most obvious of targets for my first blog post – the referee. More specifically, I’d like to focus on those referees at the centre of a storm in the Midlands derby this weekend. Phil Dowd is a man that is familiar to Villa … Continue reading

Who’s the boss?

Once again, the weekend is fast approaching and the news is dominated by international fixtures, but, would you believe, League One and League Two almost have a full fixture list.  Bizarrely, Preston North End vs Sheffield United has been postponed due to International Call-ups.  That is a shame because it would have been a great … Continue reading

Barnet Worries

I wrote on here a few weeks back that fans of the lower leagues, the ones who know what football is really about, will only start to look at the table until the Christmas decorations have gone up.  I can announce that Rochdale Council have, in fact, begun putting up their decorations and the league … Continue reading

Don’t write off Arsenal just yet!

One thing has become abundantly evident in the opening exchanges of the nascent Premier League season: the media love Fergie’s Fledgling’s 2.0. In fact, such has been the clamour to acclaim Ferguson’s vision and daring that it’s easy to lose perspective and forget that United have won a glorified friendly, eased past a side that … Continue reading

League One & League Two preview

If, like me, you follow a team in the lower leagues of English football, you know two important things about the beautiful game: one it didn’t start in 1992 and two by the time a shiny Premier League ball is kicked, the season has been going for ages! By 5pm tonight, most teams in League … Continue reading