Manning Moves, Tebow Trades and Smith Signs. Plus the rest of the big Free Agency news in the NFL

Many would have assumed that the biggest story of the week would be, the frankly predictably, strong showings of Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III at their pro-days ahead of April’s draft. That was until the newswires went bananas between Monday and Wednesday. Peyton Manning’s soap opera ended when he rejected moves to the 49ers … Continue reading

No Saints, No Packers… Who Are Our Favourites?

After eight games in the playoffs we’ve already seen the two biggest backed teams eliminated, Tebow pull a shock and then capitulate and another reworking of “the catch”. It’s been an exciting journey so far, with the Broncos-Steelers clash and the Niners-Saints games likely to be talked about in the bracket of all time classic … Continue reading

2012’s Brewing Quarterback Controversies

Whether it’s Favre and Rodgers or Montana and Young everybody loves a good quarterback controversy and next season will be packed to the brim. Mark Payne delves into the dark and murky world of holdouts and infighting as we look to uncover next years biggest stories. 1) Drew Brees – Saints Now Drew Brees is … Continue reading

Will the Colts Mann Up or do they need a Stroke of Luck in 2012?

The 2011 NFL draft was popularly referred to as ‘The Year of the Quarterback’. The subsequent season has been more recognisable as the year of the quarterback and no injury has loomed larger in NFL stories than four time NFL MVP Peyton Manning’s neck injury. As the Colts remain winless and the number one prospect … Continue reading

There’s something special going down in Houston

The Houston Texans have sneaked up along the rails all season and now find themselves the provisional number one seed for the AFC. They might have had some misfortune with injuries but this year could finally be the year they break their playoff duck What makes the Texans good? An impressive triple headed run game … Continue reading

At Mid-Season Who will be our Playoff Teams?

The first eight games of the season have not sealed the Vince Lombardi trophy for the Green Bay Packers as some have suggested. If you ask the team I’m sure they will remind you that last season they entered the playoffs through the wildcard playoffs on the back of a 10-6 record. Furthermore, the New … Continue reading

5 Lessons Denver must learn to save Tebow in the NFL

It was Tebowmania on Sunday as Tebowtime began in (Tebow)Denver. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the double BCS National Championship winning, win grinding, college tour de force that became a national icon during his time at the Florida Gators this was his NFL equivalent. Tebow looked out of his depth, he missed open passes, failed to go … Continue reading

6 things we’ve learnt this season and the NFL Mid-Season Report cards

We’re now heading to the mid-season in the NFL. The Packers, Patriots and Saints are leading the way as expected but there are few other ‘preseason certainties’ living up to their billing. Mark Payne looks at the big shocks in the NFL. 1) The Colts Ok we knew that Peyton Manning was more important to … Continue reading

Alex Smith, Carson Palmer & Donovan McNabb. Three Veterans heading in very different directions

As a Niners fan who only converted to the sport in 2004, I’ve grown accustomed to grand pre-season expectations giving way to disappointing and demoralising regular season appearances and calls for the quarterback’s head. Alex Smith arrived at San Francisco as the number one overall pick in 2005. In that time he has shown rare, … Continue reading

Dan Wheldon an obituary

Dan Wheldon celebrates his second Indy 500 victory earlier this year

Dan Wheldon grew up karting alongside the likes of Jenson Button in the UK before deviating off the typical British driver’s career path to become a true star of the premier American racing formula. Wheldon, who was born in the tiny hamlet of Emberton in Buckinghamshire emigrated to the USA in 1999 in order to … Continue reading