SUUK Sports Awards 2011

As the final grains of sand are draining from the 2011 hourglass, the SUUK virtual office has been reminiscing about a year packed to the brim with drama, glory and more than its fair share of lost legends. As part of our review of the year we will be dishing out prizes to the stars, villains and unsung heroes of the sporting world. We want you to submit your nominees for our first annual awards  via twitter (using the hashtag #suukawards), by email ( or via the comments section below. Nominees will be announced on Christmas Eve.

SUUK Star of the year  – The centrepiece of the awards. The star that takes home this prize will have excelled in their own sport to the extent that praise is near universal amongst their peers, criticism rare and consistency is constant.

SUUK British Star of the year –
Awarded for excellence by a British sportsman or woman

SUUK Overseas Star of the year– Awarded for excellence by a non-British sportsman or woman

SUUK Sportsmanship Award – Awarded for upholding the spirit of sport. Can be awarded to an individual, team, community or body.

SUUK Fighter Award –
Awarded to the sportsman or woman who fought on to achieve the best result in the face of adversity.  

SUUK Underrated Star – Awarded to the team, player or individual that is unfairly ignored or patronised by the majority of the media and fans.

SUUK Debutant of the year – Awarded for excellence by an individual or team that debuted in 2011

SUUK Team of the year –
Awarded for excellence by a team or collective

SUUK Manager/Head Coach of the year – Awarded for excellence by a Manager/Head Coach

SUUK Villain of the year – Awarded to the individual or group that did the most damage to sport in 2011.

SUUK Moment of the year – The moment of the year that left an indelible mark on your brain. They can be moments of brilliance, ignominy or humanity.

SUUK Clash of the yearThe contest, game or event that drew the eye in 2011

SUUK Comeback of the year – Colloquially known as the Brett Favre award. Awarded to the star who exceeded expectations after being written off.


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