5 Lessons Denver must learn to save Tebow in the NFL

It was Tebowmania on Sunday as Tebowtime began in (Tebow)Denver. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the double BCS National Championship winning, win grinding, college tour de force that became a national icon during his time at the Florida Gators this was his NFL equivalent. Tebow looked out of his depth, he missed open passes, failed to go to his legs when the play broke down and failed to move the chains. He is no longer viewed as a saviour in waiting and in fact now will have to play for his NFL career just one game after replacing Kyle Orton as a starter. So what advice can we give Tebow do to save his bacon this week?

1) Use your feet as a primary attack.

It is politic to suggest that a quarterback avoids scrambling until the last possible minute. However, Tebow’s lack of passing accuracy and long throwing motion at the moment may make that plan a little hazardous to execute. With time he will be able to shorten his throwing motion and build his accuracy. For his short term survival I suggest dodging the pass rush and using his feet to make a play. Tebow is a big unit with deceptive pace, some have suggested his future may even lie in a power back position. This is Tebow’s strength he should stick to it and pass only when he gets a large amount of time to do so. If Tebow can establish a running game himself he should slow the pass rush and force the defence into containment packages to limit his productivity. This will give him the time in the pocket to throw the football.

2) Create Space for the pass

Once this occurs it’s important that Tebow ensures he has the time to get the ball away. His throwing motion takes approximately as long as Michael Palin’s holidays leaving him vulnerable to fumbles and sacks. Therefore, he should take a leaf out of Michael Vick’s book and create separation from the line of scrimmage when he looks to air the ball out. A rapid drop back will give him the space he needs to find passes.

3) Get John Fox to give you confidence passes, especially early in the matchup.

Even passers like Rodgers and Brady take little bubble screen, quick slants and dump offs early in a game to boost their passer rating and keep the chains moving. The Broncos definitely need to give Tebow the opportunity to let somebody else make a play. The whole of Denver demands success from him, the rest of the NFL is targeting him. Fox needs to ease the pressure by offering Tebow the check-down when the long pass or the run are taken away from him.

4) Don’t force the play

This should be obvious but given the Raiders have had their own quarterback dilemma it is likely that Carson Palmer will be feeling the pressure too. If the Broncos defence come up with the first turnover then the spotlight and the pressure could be turned on the former Bengal.

5) Remember you do have a running game

It’s always easier to pass when you have a running game. Willis McGahee has good numbers this year and with a few strong carries he too can prevent Tebow having to carry the team by himself.

Most importantly it’s important for the team to put Tebow into a position where he is not forced to take big risks. Last time out he misfired early but it was the Broncos secondary who left them 14-0 down early doors. If Tebow is to make a name for himself, he will need the support of every man who crosses the paint. But, if Tebow can’t find a way to push the Raiders, then Tebowmania could face foreclosure long before the end of the season.


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