Hit for Six

Well I don’t think many people saw the events of last weekend coming. Sir Alex isn’t used to seeing his side of 25 years being smashed for six, especially at home, least of all against the ‘upstarts’ from across the tracks.

But 6-1 was the score line, and many pundits pointed at the result as a tide-turner in the Premier League’s future. To see the new money finally, after ten years of battling, overcome that most ferocious top flight stalwart cannot be overlooked. Chelsea had their successes, particularly under Jose Mourinho, in that time, but no result sticks out quite like the one we all witnessed at Old Trafford last week.

What does it mean for the rest of the Premier League, though? Well, in the short term, as I write this, after another full weekend of fixtures, United are five points behind their neighbours. They’re also four points ahead of Chelsea in third, leaving a whopping nine points, and an amazing twenty goals, between the Russian and Arabian blues. To put that into context, Spurs’ victory over QPR sees them nine points clear of Sunderland, Fulham and Everton, with the Toffees in sixteenth place.

By any measure, that’s quite a lead. As things stand, City are an absolute shoe-in for the Premier League. Other teams have thrown away bigger points margins in the past, but there’s something about this City side that says they’ve got staying power. I’ve been saying that I expect the wheels to come off their bandwagon at any moment – I even suggested earlier this season that the Tevez fiasco would be their undoing.

How wrong that judgement looks from here. Since their victory at Old Trafford, they’ve gone on to punish Mick McCarthy’s Wolves twice – throwing eight past two different Wolverhampton goalkeepers.

It seems to me that we could be witnessing the coming-of-age of one of the all-time greatest football teams.

I guess the only thing that irritates me is the fact that it’s cost them around £300 million to accomplish it.


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