The Patriots weakness is the Bills business

The Buffalo Bills entered this season with the tied longest streak without a playoff game. The other side, the Detroit Lions appeared to have made plenty of offseason progress and looked to be heading towards a solid charge at the playoffs vacating the NFL’s dunces cap for the Bills to fill. That was until the Bills pulled out two solid wins to start the season.

A demolition performance against the Chiefs and a 4th quarter comeback against the Oakland Raiders have led to several NFL Network pundits claiming that the Bills are in the hunt for their first win over the New England Patriots for the first time since their opening game of the 2003 season.

But why the resurgence? Simply the offence has stepped up the plate. The offensive line has really stepped up this year  they’ve worked well creating space for the run game while only allowing one sack on quarterback  Ryan Fitzpatrick.  This allows the Bills feature running back Fred Jackson to lead the NFL in rushing yards while  CJ spiller is consistently breaking upfield for big yards per carry averages. The man under centre  Ryan Fitzpatrick has also impressed with the same TD-INT score as Tom Brady (7-1) at the top of the NFL passing charts.

But their opponents today are led by an all star quarterback who leads the league in every major passing category, who is currently on track to beat Dan Marino’s passing yards in a season with ease. This is a much tougher prospect. But for all the Patriots qualities on offence they have been weak on defence. Allowing 479 yards against them, the key to the victory for the Bills is to be more clinical in the red zone than the Patriots opening two games. The Patriots are deserved favourites but if it becomes a shootout expect the Bills to come out on top.


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